The Importance of Air Sealing Attics Before Insulation - South Portland, ME - Rook Energy Solutions

Homeowners are sometimes confused when they get estimates to insulate their attic.  Bids can end up  significantly differing in cost for seemingly the same work.  It is very easy and tempting to choose the lowest bidder, but most of the time there are important details that can be left out and your retrofit can fall well short of being truly effective for the life of the improvement.

One important question to ask:  is insulation just being blown over the existing insulation, or is insulation removal and air sealing included in the estimate?  

Sealing chimney chases and improving the seal on your attic hatch is low hanging fruit that most contractors will address.  However, a significant portion of your home’s air leakage (10-15%) can occur in areas that are hiding below existing insulation in the attic.  These areas can include top plates of interior and exterior walls, gaps from vent chases, or older construction name a few.  Without removing the existing insulation, these areas will continue to leak into the attic, making your new insulation less effective, allowing indoor heat and moisture to escape into the attic, making future air sealing nearly impossible without starting fresh.  If you are going to have a contractor work in the attic, it is best to do it right while you have the opportunity.

Not only is air sealing all air leaks into the attic good practice, but it is required by Efficiency Maine’s Home Energy Savings Program to receive a $700 rebate.  Rook Energy Solutions makes sure to do it right the first time.

You get what you pay for!