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We’ve recently been installing custom made stair gates for customers with tricky stair cases, which are easy to find in the Greater Portland, ME area. These stair cases have a step that extends beyond the railing into the hallway, making it very difficult to install store bought gates. They can be used to deter crawling babies, rambunctious toddlers, animals, etc. The gates shown below were made out of softwoods such as Spruce and Pine, but we can easily upgrade the gates and match a specific aesthetic with hardwoods such as oak and maple. There are a variety of options available for clasps and hinges depending on the gates primary function (pet or child), they are completely customize-able and easy for our technicians to install. All gates will meet code specifications for height and baluster spacing. 

Our handyman and home improvement crews not only have extensive carpentry, contracting and furniture building experience, but we all have families and fully understand how a sturdy these gates need to be in order to function properly with years of excessive use. These gates can also easily be removed when not needed any longer, and with a little touching up to the floor you'd barely be able to see that they were installed in the first place. 

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This gates intended use is to keep twin toddlers and a border collie from sneaking down to the basement. It's made out of spruce. 

This gates primary use is to keep a toddler from slipping down the stairs as there is no banister at the first step. To limit the amount of screws driven into the hardwood floor a hardwood brace was installed at the corner to improve the gates stability. This gate is also made out of spruce.