Exterior Wall Insulation - Portland, Maine - Weatherization Services - Rook Energy Solutions

Rook Energy Solutions teamed up with Ezra Berry of P&B Remodeling and Holden Building & Carpentry to re-insulate and re-side a beautiful home in the greater Portland, Maine area.

Before the project began, the homeowner felt many drafts coming from all areas of his home, especially when strong winds blew directly in from the ocean.  They wondered why it would still be so drafty, even after the home was re-insulated with fiberglass and the lathe-and-plaster walls replaced with sheet rock.  Rook Energy Solutions was brought in to perform a blower door test and scan with an infrared camera.  It turns out air was travelling through the exterior walls and between floors with little obstruction, severely devaluing the insulation.  

Once the siding came off, major open cavities were discovered.

Since the siding was being replaced, this was the best and most convenient time to address the insulation.  This allowed us to take off a few courses of sheathing, easily remove the existing fiberglass insulation, air seal large cavities and block between floors with rigid board insulation, and then dense pack the walls with cellulose.  By dense packing with cellulose, air flow is greatly reduced.

Before weatherization on this circa 1900 home, the blower door number was 4700 CFM50.  After Rook Energy Solutions’s work to date, the home is at 1945 CFM50 - a nearly 60% reduction in air leakage.  As a Unitil customer, the homeowner gets $1,400 back for their wall project thanks to Efficiency Maine’s Home Energy Savings Program (HESP).