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Construction Consults

Whether you are a home or business owner looking to make improvements, renovations, or build a new structure - or a contractor desiring to build energy efficient structures, we can help. Our professionals are not here to tell you what to do; our job is to work with you to find the most economical and meaningful solutions that allow the structure to operate as efficiently as possible.

Our abilities in this capacity are as follows:

Conception Stage:

Prior to any building or design work, we can help you find an Energy Efficient Contractor, figure out Energy Efficient concepts & designs that will work well with your landscape & climate, increase your understanding of Energy Star heating & delivery systems/appliances that will suit your energy consumption needs.

Design Stage:

Do it right the first time! Desired end-results & how to accomplish them (i.e. compact renewable energy system installations; insulation choices per application, design, & climate exposure relating to material selection...etc) and efficient guidelines/concepts that absolutely need to be followed during the Building Stage.

Building Stage:

What factors lead to efficient structures, what to look for during this process, how small deviations from the design stage can equal increased energy loss; such as...

  • Inform client of air sealing avenues, products and procedures to finish prior to installing insulation
  • Blower door & thermal camera prior to drywall hanging to verify a 'tight' air seal and no hole in the thermal envelope
  • Project completion blower door test to better understand building airflow in comparison to the Minimum Ventilation Guidelines for your home - at this point we can provide operational information for Heat/Energy-Recovery Ventilators
  • Provide insight to the most efficient window selection for your new construction/retrofit (cost vs. savings analysis)