Nest Thermostat | A smarter Programmable Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

Most programmable thermostats are big, bulky, and have too many buttons to deal with. Truly figuring out how to use them can require reading the manual...really, a manual for a thermostat? So what makes the Nest thermostat so great? This sleek and easy to use item is actually quite smart and requires a couple days/weeks of focused USE (not reading a manual), and then you're good to go, because this item learns from you.

Like any other new toy that grasps your interest for a few weeks or months and then ends up in the basement or garage, the Nest thermostat goes a step beyond and actually saves you money, all you have to do is embrace the fact that giving this little item some initial TLC will result in improved heating and cooling maintenance for your home, decreased energy bills, and a smaller carbon footprint.

Cool features include: it tells you when you're saving money, auto away settings, it tells how how long it will take to heat to a desired temp, easily allows you to build and manipulate your simple or extensive heating schedule (at the source, on a computer or smart phone), keeps extensive fuel savings history, and it remembers your heating/cooling patterns from one season to another.

Why do we like this item? It creates a buzz and draws attention - it's a conversation starter that provides endless opportunity. This thermostat has it's own website, YouTube videos, and yes...there is an App for it too! We are in the business of energy efficiency and improved seasonal comforts, and we love anything that educates home owners and creates a buzz in our industry. We don't care what path it took for a home owner to become interested in energy efficiency - just as long as it happens, and this product simply works well, looks great, and gets the job done.

Product Info: | product cost: $249/unit -