UPDATE: 4/18/15 - with the PUC recent ruling (article here) in March to decrease Efficiency Maine's funding from 60 million to 22 million, this program is in jeopardy of losing integral funding for future incentive programs. In our 5 years of working with Efficiency Maine, this Home Energy Savings Program has been the most effective program to stimulate energy efficient improvements. It allows home owners the ability to do a little bit more than they otherwise would have been able to. 

If you're interested in supporting the repeal of this vote, please contact your local legislator (CLICK HERE) and let them know of your support of Efficiency Maine and everything that they have done for the State of Maine and reducing our carbon footprint! 

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Efficiency Maine

Efficiency Maine’s Home Energy Savings Program is back...and it’s better than ever! Home owners can now receive up to $1,500 for weatherization solutions installed to their home (air sealing & insulation), or $1,500 for a combination of weatherization and a supplemental or high efficient replacement heating systems.

Fresh off the tails of the extremely successful Residential Direct Install (RDI) program that extended $600 off weatherization solutions, the Home Energy Savings Program (HESP) has been established to offer increased incentive to home owners proceeding with slightly deeper retrofit solutions. With a customer contribution of $200-$2,200, home owners can receive an Efficiency Maine sponsored incentive of $400-$1,500. The EM incentives are paid directly to the Registered Vendor; therefore home owners simply get the incentive amount deducted from their final invoice. So whether you’re interested in $20,000 of insulation upgrades or your budget is closer to $1,000-$3,000, this program will surely remove some of the fiscal burden.

UPDATE: If you are a Unitil Natural Gas customer, you can have you EM HESP incentives doubled with no additional customer contribution needed. This means your incentive range jumps to $800-$3,000. 

UPDATE: Summit Natural Gas customers have the ability to get additional incentives for air sealing, energy audits, and the installation of energy efficient heating systems. Contact us for more information. 

Listed below are many of the go-to solutions for this program:

  • Air Sealing: basement chase holes, attic hatches, chimney chases, door & window trim sealing, basement replacement door to bulkhead, sealing crawlspace hatches, etc
  • Attic Solutions (including knee rafters/enclosed slopes/cathedral/vaulted): install/upgrade existing insulation
  • Basement Solutions: rim joist insulation & basement wall insulation
  • Wall Solutions: complete exterior wall insulation (i.e. dense pack cellulose insulation and/or rigid board insulation to exterior)
  • Supplemental Heating Systems: Air sourced heat pumps, pellet stoves (EPA Approved), wood stoves (EPA approved)
  • Whole House Heating Systems: Energy Star rated (Nat Gas, Propane, Oil) that are condensing or offer smart controls

In order to take part in this program you’ll need to select an Efficiency Maine Registered Vendor to conduct your Energy Audit or Energy Assessment. CONTACT US for more information.

If you’re interested in saving more on your heating bills, improving the seasonal comforts within your home, or just interested in being as green as possible by reducing your homes carbon footprint – then the Efficiency Maine Home Energy Savings Program (HESP) is a great opportunity for you to get a little more work done than you otherwise might have.

Similar with most other Efficiency Maine programs, the HESP can be including with all Efficiency Maine sponsored weatherization loan programs.