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Rook Energy Solutions Blog Updates:

Rook Energy Solution's offers professional Energy Audits, Weatherization,and Consulting Services to home & property owners across Northern New England.

What are Your Homes Energy Inefficiencies?

  • Cold floors in the winter?
  • Forced to shovel snow off your roof to prevent ice damming & icicle buildup?
  • Pipe freeze ups & uncomfortable drafts?
  • Constantly struggling with increasing heating bills or fed up with uncertain fuel costs?

A Rook Energy Solutions Energy Audit is the first step towards pin-pointing your property's specific energy inefficiencies. Our Energy Audits will aid in producing affordable solutions to solve each problem and our Weatherization Services will improve the performance of your structure. Wouldn't you like to solve your homes draft issues, cold floors, inconsistent temperatures, or ice dams?


Why spend money now to replace a roof & windows, or on adding supplemental heating systems when the most effective solutions could cost less, save you money on monthly expenses, and improve comfort and indoor air quality!